CNH Industrial is committed to operating in an environmentally and socially-responsible manner.

As discussed above, the Governance and Sustainability Committee was assigned responsibility for strategic oversight of sustainability-related issues and reviews the Company’s annual Sustainability Report. The GEC defines the strategic approach, evaluates the congruity of the Sustainability Plan with business objectives and is regularly updated on the Group’s sustainability performance.

The Sustainability Unit, which is part of the Group’s Finance organization, has operational responsibility for promoting a culture of sustainability throughout the Group. The Sustainability Unit facilitates the process of continuous improvement, and contributes to managing risks and strengthening the relationship with and perceptions of stakeholders, in addition to managing sustainability reporting and communications.

The Group’s Code of Conduct is supplemented by additional corporate policies and guidelines aimed at ensuring the Group’s activities are conducted in a consistent and responsible manner.

The Group also produces a Sustainability Plan, which reports on the progress of existing projects and new targets to drive continuous improvement in the Group’s sustainability performance. It is updated annually to report the status of existing projects and establish new targets to ensure continuous improvement to support long-term growth. The Sustainability Plan is incorporated in the Sustainability Report, which is prepared on a voluntary basis applying the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 guidelines (GRI – G4). See also previous section on “Our Commitment to Sustainable Development”