Code of conduct

On July 31, 2014, the Board of Directors adopted a new code of conduct (the “Code of Conduct”), which forms an integral part of the internal control system and sets out the principles of business ethics to which CNH Industrial adheres and which Directors, employees, consultants and business “partners” are required to observe. In particular, the Code of Conduct includes specific guidelines on issues relating to the environment, health and safety, business ethics and anti-corruption, suppliers, management of human resources and the respect of human rights.

The CNH Industrial Group uses its best endeavors to ensure that suppliers, consultants and any third party with whom the CNH Industrial Group has a business relationship be informed of the adoption of the principles set forth in the Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is available on the Corporate Governance section of the Group’s website,

The Board of Directors has established a procedure to ensure that the Company’s employees and third parties have the possibility to report alleged irregularities of a general, operational and financial nature with the Company. The Company’s compliance helpline is managed by an independent third party. Reports may be submitted through a dedicated web portal (, by phone (to a call center managed by a third party), or to a Company representative. Where legally permissible, reports may be submitted on an anonymous basis. In addition, where legally required, the nature of the reports may be limited to certain subject matters. The Company investigates reports submitted and, in appropriate cases, implements corrective actions.